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I detest grass!!!

Well.. maybe not grass itself,but cutting grass. Since I do not like to cut grass I prefer to have gardens. To make gardens I have to get rid of the grass! Vicious circle! There is hope though, a technique I heard of a few years ago and it makes creating that new garden in your lawn much easier and without the backbreaking work of removing sod.

Instead you "smother" the grass. Yes I said smother! Simple concept using newspapers, compost and mulch.The reward for smothering grass is a new beautiful plant bed, ready to plant in 60 days.

How to Smother Grass

  1. Determine the size and shape of the new bed. Mow the grass in this area to a height of 5 centimeters. Now spread newspaper over the mown grass. (Make sure its newsprint not glossy paper) Wet the newspaper thoroughly to ensure decomposition and do this to each layer as applied to a depth of 2-3 centimeters. You want this soggy.

  2. Cover the soggy mess with blood meal and composted manure. Sprinkle the blood meal over the newspaper and then layer 4 centimeters of manure on top . This retains the moisture and holds down the newspaper.

  3. Finish this by putting on top 5-7 centimeters of a chunky hardwood mulch. This discourages weed growth and holds the bottom layers in place.

  4. Spray the area with water to keep it moist for the next 45-60 days. Do not allow to dry out completely or the decomposition will stop. In about a month and a half Test the garden. use a trowel to cut several small holes in different places. If the newspaper has disappeared and the grass is suffocated ( I do like the sound of that!) it is time to plant.

  5. When planting don't disturb the soil too much. Dig out an area just large enough to slip in a plant and then replace the soil around it.

You now have a beautiful garden with out removing a single blade of grass to do so!

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