Enviromentally Friendly Weeding

Dandelions. Ragweed. Lamb's Quarters. Crabgrass. Plantain. Witch grass. Mustard etc etc....
There are ma
ny weeds that can invade your lawn. With the new laws in Ontario preventing the use for homeowners of herbicides or any where if you want to go Green, there are still effective ways to rid your lawn of unwanted weeds. All it takes is time and persistence.
Below I have listed a variety of methods to rid your lawn of weeds. Try a combination of these to further your efforts.

First and most obvious is Digging!
This is the best way but it does involve physical labour! It takes more time but the results, if you get them before they flower and seed, are good. The trick is to ensure you get out the entire root and remember many have taproots.
If you don't get the whole root they may re sprout. There have been great new tools developed that easily dig down to the bottom of a taproot, grab it and pull it out without even bending over. Once they grab the plant you lift it out and deposit into a wheel barrow or bucket.You can use hand tools if your back can withstand the bending or as in my case, get up close and personal. Sit on the ground with your hand tools! You don't have to get all the weeds at once. An hour of weeding a week will get you, and keep you on top of things.

Cut it Out!
An effective way to kill many weeds is to use a hoe and shear them off at the soil line. I find that when I garden if I use the hoe to shear off weeds it keeps them well under control. With your lawn it will eventually kill off the annuals and with persistence even the perennials. Make sure your hoe is sharp to make it easy. A handy little tool for sharpening is called the Samurai Shark by Homesmart. Best sharpening tool I have ever used. Have one for the kitchen and one for the gardening tools.

Pickle 'em with Vinegar Spray
Vinegar is an acid (acetic acid) and if you spray the small weeds with vinegar in direct sunlight it can burn them down to the roots. Pickling vinegar is even stronger and more effective. Well established weeds with large roots will need reapplications as this does not eliminate the root system if they are well established.

Organic Weed Spray
There are organic sprays on the market now. Be careful how you spray as the drift may go onto healthy grass and kill it. These use citrus oils or fungus to attack the weed.

Roasted Weed! (or Burning)
I saw this new weed burner at a local store. It gives off a burst of flame to kill annuals and kill the top of perennial weeds. Eventually it will kill the root system of perennials. Europeans have used the Infra Burner for years. This is a propane burner but the propane combustion is inside the equipment. It is a radiant heat produced that Infra Burners ceramic plate captures and releases to kill the weeds in the lawn, garden or pathways.Very effective weed control, not to mention fun. Nuke those bad boys!
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