Great Tomatoes Plants Grown in Containers

If you live in an apartment, townhouse or have a large deck it's easy to grow tomatoes in containers to provide delicious tomatoes right outside your door!

  1. Start off by picking out your tomato plants and containers. Cherry and patio tomatoes need at least a 3 gallon container, while the larger tomato plants needs a 5-7 gallon container. Make sure the containers have good drainage.
  2. Pick up an all around potting soil. You want a potting soil as it isn't too heavy so the soil won't compact to the point extreme hardness.
  3. Place rocks or broken ceramic pot pieces to cover the drainage holes.
  4. Remove the bottom branches of the tomato plants, the small ones.
  5. Fill the container with the potting soil about 3/4 full, place the plant in the container and fill in around the roots and bottom half of the stem. Firm into place.
  6. Mix a good vegetable fertilizer with water and water the tomato plant well, but do not soak. You will need to fertilize weekly.
  7. Water daily as your tomato plants are 95% water and will suffer if not enough water is supplied while growing.
You may need a to use a pest control as there are plenty of insects that love tomatoes! I use a simple "slightly soapy" solution in a spray bottle weekly to keep insects at bay but you can buy an organic or chemical spray.

You can also grow lettuce, beets, beans, zucchini or many other vegetables in containers right on your balcony or patio as long as you feed, water them and have plenty of sunlight!

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